About Us


We introduce ourselves as a team of people who are giving constant efforts to make people aware about the multifold benefits of coconut in their daily life. Driven by this goal we have taken initiative to manufacture different products derived from coconut and cater those needs. We are not restricted to any geographical boundary and export our goodness products which are of India origin to various parts of the globe.

Quality and Certifications

We are a believer of fair trade practice where product quality is considered as the premium parameter. So we have a dedicated team for research and development who adhere to the quality benchmarks as mandate. Constant monitoring is ensured in order to avoid any type of deviation from the standard so that consumers get the best of the products. Out efforts are appreciated in many events and people rely on us due to the effectiveness of the product which indicates the purity.

Product Range

Our products ranges from basic to customized category where modifications are done on the basis of customer requirements and demands raised. We are believers of sustainable development and so along with innovations of new things we put our best efforts to maintain the achieved standard with respect to products and service.

Our Products

Coconut Water Virgin Coconut Oil Coconut Milk Coconut Cream Coconut Butter Refined Coconut Oil Desiccated CoConut Coconut Drinking Milk Fruit Punch with Tender Coconut Water Coconut Milkshake with Fruit flavours Tender Coconut with Soup Green Tea with Coconut water Coconut Chocolate Coconut Pak